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all i do is up and go.

this has become a black hole of withering self-pity, self-loathing, self-indulgence.

so until i get my shit in words, i'm making it in pictures.

Tumblr. I has one. Not a real one, just a picture.

it feels better to throw up an evocative picture than to vomit out words.
for now, anyways.

see you soon, LJ.

God, Archer is just the greatest show.

Greetings, empty echo chamber of LJ! 'tis I (i, i, i...)!
Ahhhh...pfffftt....I got nothin.' Finally got Ian out to a bar for not someone's birthday. Very good times! Sancho's Broken Arrow is a neat plce. Grungy, but strong drinks and friendly hippie people. Good live band.

Work is work is work. Blarg. School is as it does. My life. Thrills, left and right.

Oh, Goatly.

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Oh, school again. Three classes this semester, going to try to do some outside stuff for Prof. Hall in the meantime.


raise at work!

Oh! So Ian and I hit the two year mark. I've officially known him for years. This is simultaneously wonderful and terrifying. Somehow. I say that a lot. I'VE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR YEARS OH MY GOD. Etc. But he continues to be the best thing to happen to me since meeting all my high school friends. Regardless of all my girlish whining and hand-wringing, I love him muchly, and count myself lucky to have met such a amazing person. Squee!

Beyond Scared Straight on Hulu. The Chowchilla episode. WATCH IT. It's scary, and fascinating, and darkly funny (to me and Ian, anyways). Good use of an hour of tv watching. SO many soundbites.
"Hey, LOOK at my face. You remember this face. 'Cos when you come here? You're gonna be my bitch. All you guys are gonna be MY bitches. 'Cos I'm a HUNGRY BITCH." I want to market a whole line of frozen meals. 'COS I'M A HUNGRY BITCH!


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Lovin' me some Florence + The Machine, btw.

My boy is back from almost certain icy death! Roads are suckin' it easy today.

See? I'm not neglecting you, my dearest LJ. Here I am, twice in a week! Wowee.

Jesus, I've been so addicted to I Survived, and I Shouldn't Be Alive, and I Escaped, and WTF HOW DID I LIIIIIVE?! This Amazon one of ISBA is one of the worst, though. Heading the ENTIRELY WRONG DIRECTION in the rainforest. Jesus shit. (watching actors recreate yelling at a pack of wild boars is pretty fucking great, as a side note).
I think they're all just such great cocktail party stories. Like, if you heard someone telling this story in real life, you'd be goddamned spellbound. It's just insanity what people do when faced with INSURMOUNTABLE ODDS. If they were all mashed together in a short story collection, I'd read it into pieces. Note: the new version of I Survived is Beyond and Back, which is really more interesting than I thought it'd be. Just amazing stories that spark some of the most interesting debates on what happens after you die. Like, there's obviously ways the massive Final Chemical Dump in your brain could trigger the feelings of floating, the ecstacy, even the visions of your life flashing before your eyes. But there are things it can't explain, like someone coming out of a bedridden state and telling you they saw a whole funny conversation you had in the cafeteria while they were in a coma. Very, very interesting shit.

Holy shit, that's a lot of non-update. Anyways!

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Off to CPK, blarg!

Oh, LJ. You, like me phone, will never die. Though you may go through indeterminate periods of neglect, I will always wind up back at you, feeding you full of useless pretty things.

Maybe a LIFE UPDATE later, but for now, an hour to kill and a torrent, a slew, a wave of aesthetic tidbits with no function other than to distract from shit that matters.

Sigh, finals week. Can you tell?

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C'est absolutement la fini. Bonne chance!

LJ! *snuggles*

Lately, lately, lately.
School is as it does. Criminal Justice is all right. My
professor is way conservative leaning, and is super harsh on a lot of
rehabilitationist philosophy, not to mention defense attorneys (poor
Regan is in my class again, and she works for one, so she provides a
lot of eye rolling). Cool note, though, he was the officer in charge
of the command post at Columbine! He's sort of famous! He got sued!
Statistics is blarg. Nothing but blarg. Math. Pah.
Theory is a little dicey. It's easy enough to understand and
regurgitate, but it pisses me off having to respond to philosophy. I
have such a hard time putting everything in the weird little made-up
worlds philosophers use; I can't get past the 'BUT THIS WOULD NEVER
Anthropology is easypants. I love Ternenny; she's like Ashley
in fifteen years, all composed and worldly and tolerant and shit.

Went to Taste of Colorado with Ian, which was a highlight of recent
memory. Watched kids beat the shit out of each other, people-watched,
gorged, acquired free samples, etc...
Lovely day :)

I sway between being freaked out at being twenty-one and not being
able to do the 'I'M SINGLE HIT ON ME/BUY MY LIQUOR' thing, and being
strangely okay with it. I can't tell yet if I'm going to feel like
I'm missing out on a vital part of adulthood I'll miss when I'm thirty and fat, or like I'm skipping something stupid. I'm afraid of regret as much as I'm afraid of disappointment, which is combining to make an interesting mindmelt stew in my brain. Less than a month!

I forget how easy it is to kill hours with LJ entries. Onward!

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Off to history of theory. Blarrrrrrrg. My notes are filled with swirls and snakes and very little else.

Oh, now I'm going to be on a damn LJ kick.
Nothing new to report, also on an infomania backepisode kick. I fucking love Conor Knighton. Like, way too much. Unhealthy amounts. He's so damn endearing.
And Sarah Haskin's replacement is totally growing on me.

But lo! I come bearing more links, these more recently discovered, but no less uninteresting to most people but me.


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Eh. That's all I feel like digging up. So yes, the last thing I've left you with was the man's hairy self. And his cock. Mirrored, so...MANY hairy cocks! Love you, too, reader.

You know what?

Drinking a shit ton of coffee with the intent of 'THIS WILL MAKE ME SO AWAKE TO FOCUS ON THIS PAPER!' does not work.

Instead, it makes me flit from one website to another and hit so many in such a short period of time I feel like I've accomplished a lot of work. Until I realize in four hours I've managed to scrap together two paragraphs.


Here is a picture of something awesome:

Phoenix kicked motherfucking ass! Ian, Michael, Brittany, Ashley, and Wolff. Hells yes. Awesome grouping! Got to sitish on Ian's shoulders for part of Lisztomania, crowd bumrushed the stage during 1901, AND they played Lasso, Girlfriend, Rome, AND Fences. I swoon. Those damn Frenchies!


Fo' twennie was sick, hopefully pictures/video soon.

Auuugggh fuck this class.


edit: Nope, still not done, but I'm past the pro arguments and into the cons, which is much more fun. Truthfully, I'm likely going to finish this/my ladycrime midterm in the morning. I'm way gone. But here's an awesomely awesome picture of my Aunt Kathy when she was a little girl:

So! It’s been ages. Like usual. School is how it does. Chicano studies continues to elude me, and I almost had an aneurysm when I found out The Advocate apologized for their super offensive article. Pussies. For those not in on DA LOOP, our shitty weekly journalism project “school newspaper” came out with an Onion style satire issue, complete with front page article weighing the benefits of eating infants vs. the elderly. There was also an ‘Ask a White Guy’ article, a total rip on ‘Ask a Mexican,’ which mocked overprotective, paranoid white parents who put their kids on leashes to protect them from nonorganic vegetables and scores of crack-addled minorities waiting to sell their juicy white chitlins on the black market.

And the minorities on campus got their panties all in a twist because they don’t understand satire , even though they ‘TOTALLY DO,’ IT’S JUST, LIKE, NOT FUNNY!’ Uch. Get over yourselves; everyone gets mocked, and, if you truly didn’t understand how that article was ripping on ADDLED WHITE FOLK, then…oh well. Blarg!


Anthropology goes and goes, criminal offenders is fun, ladycrime is getting heated.

Went to Grand Junction for the night/day with Ian for his nephew/cousin’s birthday parties. Lots of eerily well-behaved children. Quite fun.

Loving on Archer, Sealab, Psapp, and The Cove. And Justin Bieber. >.<

Ah…job hunt, job hunt, job hunt. Scam after stupid commission after scam.

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C'est tout! I'm off to sleep; helltons of homework, interview tomorrow! Send me vibes of luck.

So I missed the last two classes of my criminal offenders course, and so was totally unawares of our midterm.

We had two options: watch our teacher interview this chick and answer questions about her interview (identify open-ended questions, thinking errors, etc...), or conduct our own, personal one-on-one interview with the same chick. So last class, the group interview went down, even for the kids who wanted to do a one-on-one interview. So everyone gets the chick's story except me.

I go in completely cold to the interview, think I did really poorly, and my professor tells me I have natural skills, was among the best of the day, nailed things no one else even thought of, etc! I was stunned, STUNNED, but now I'm on a great 'my professor loves me!' high and wanted to record this.

I am good at client-centered interviews! COLD ones! HAH!

But now, a small amount of STUFF!

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